AMV(E) 30/33

AMV 30/33 are actuators for three point control and AME 30/33 are actuators for modulating control. Furthermore AMV(E) 33 are actuators with safety function.

In addition to basic functions such as position indication, the actuators are equipped with force sensitive switch-off to ensure that nor actuators or valves are exposed to overload.

AMV(E) 30/33

Données techniques

N° de codeTension alim.
(V CA)
Type de CdeForce max
Vitesse tige
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AME 30

082G3017 249tension / 3-points4503Non

AME 33

082G3018 2414tension / 3-points4503Oui

AMV 30

082G3011 23073-points4503Non
082G3012 2473-points4503Non

AMV 33

082G3013 230123-points4503Oui
082G3014 24123-points4503Oui


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Fiche technique
AME 10/20/30, AME 13/23/33
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AMV 10/20/30, AMV 13/23/33
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AMV 10/20/30/13/23/33
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Notice simplifiée
AME 20/30
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AME 23/23 SU/33
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AMV 20/30/23/33 Accessories
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